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About Us At Cedra our service is professional, knowledgeable and customized. Like an attentive concierge, we anticipate your needs and administer unprecedented care, so you can focus on the pursuit of healthy living.

Mission Statement

Cedra’s mission is to exceed the needs of our patients and customers by providing efficient, caring, professional, and cost-effective services in an environment that encourages teamwork, innovation, and continuous improvement.

About Us

Cedra’s comprehensive medication therapy management services provide a unique and specialized approach to focused patient care. From chronic illness to more complex medical conditions, hard to manage therapies are simplified through clinical collaboration. Our goal is to achieve optimal health service outcomes, with maximum financial benefit for your patients.

Compassionate, individualized care is our highest priority. Patients receive extensive one-on-one counseling about their medications and administration, while prescription delivery is expedited under proper storage and handling. Cedra works closely with patients to help them understand their financial assistance options and insurance benefits, securing the lowest possible costs.

For providers, Cedra alleviates the often frustrating and time-consuming prior authorization process. Our Assigned Account Team structure personalizes and customizes the service to fit your needs—with an assigned Account Manager, Inside Account Manager, and Clinical Pharmacist always available to address any concerns or issues that you may have. We offer expertise in disease state management and proper coordination of benefits, ensuring that both you and your patients are continually in great hands.

Our guiding philosophy is that a true specialty pharmacy does much more than simply dispense prescribed medications accurately and on-time.