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Manufacturers We can tailor any program to further enhance outcomes.


Cedra has numerous programs in place for each product to achieve optimal outcomes in reaching adherence goals. We provide initial counseling sessions, ongoing support, educational materials, self-injection training, lifestyle management, and regular patient contact. These programs help with brand loyalty and improve adherence. We can tailor any program to further enhance outcomes.

Our services include:

Counseling Before Initial Shipment

Prior to the initial shipment, a pharmacist offers to counsel the patient (or designated caregiver) on expectations for therapy, as well as administration and storage protocols.

Refill Reminder Calls

Our pharmacy team will proactively call the patient to schedule the next shipment and confirm that the medication is being taken as prescribed. If there are problems, we will assess adherence barriers, such as dosing, administration techniques and other possible causes.

Regular Communication with Healthcare Providers

Regular communication with healthcare providers allows us to coordinate care for the patient. Our teams provide regular updates according to the healthcare provider’s preference alerting them to any adherence problems, adverse events or any other problems that may come up during our interaction with the patient (or designated caregiver).

Reimbursement Support

Our teams are versed in adherence barriers, including affordability concerns. Our reimbursement teams are trained in determining any financial barriers and will help alleviate this problem by apply for all options for insurance coverage and financial assistance.

Education Materials

We provide a “Welcome Packet” to each patient that includes information regarding their particular therapy and disease state. This information helps to educate patients about their therapy and stresses adherence to that therapy.