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Prior Authorization

What is Prior Authorization?

Prior Authorization is an extra step that insurance companies require before deciding if they will cover the costs of your medication.


At Cedra Pharmacy, we work with your prescriber in the handling of the Prior Authorization process.

Once we receive your prescription, Cedra Pharmacy will do an insurance verification check with your insurance company to see if your medication is covered. If it is covered, we will fill your medication and deliver to you free of charge.

If your medication requires a Prior Authorization, we contact your prescriber to let them know that a prior authorization is needed and help them with the process of submission.

Every insurance company is different and each has their own policy guidelines on what steps are necessary for your insurance to pay for your medication.

If the prior authorization comes back as a denial, we will work with your prescriber regarding the submission of an appeal to the denial. This process could take a few weeks or longer if there are additional denials by your insurance company.

We understand that this process can be frustrating, and Cedra Pharmacy, along with your prescriber, appreciate your patience. Our #1 goal is to make things easier for you, provide the best service possible, and improve patient quality of life.

If you do not have insurance, we will help you enroll in a Patient Assistance Program, which minimizes your costs.

Please feel free to contact us anytime to discuss the status of your medication, or with any other questions that you may have.