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Our Services

Our Services

Experience a distinct difference at Cedra Pharmacy. Far beyond being treated as an anonymous customer, our pharmaceutical staff invests in you with knowledge and care. We understand the diagnosis of a chronic disease can be difficult. For this reason, the services we provide are consistently thoughtful and deeply customized.

We provide expansive support between doctor’s visits and beyond, so you understand and feel confident about your treatment. Our pharmacists and specialists will design a customized treatment plan, monitor your health over time and supplement with over-the-counter treatments to complement your prescription medications.

Specialists Available

No medical condition is quite like the last, and each requires its own special care. At Cedra Pharmacy, our specialists have expertise in a range of chronic and acute conditions. But we don’t stop there. We take the time to educate you about your body’s specific needs, recommend treatments, supplements and behavioral modifications customized to you.

Next Day or Better Delivery

Waiting an extra day for your medication can adversely affect your treatment. At Cedra Pharmacy, we deliver your prescriptions the very next day. In emergency situations, we can deliver them even faster—just give us a call.

Translators at the Ready

At Cedra Pharmacy, we believe that language should never be a barrier to healthcare. We have on-site and remote translators who speak Spanish, French, Arabic and more. If we don’t have a translator on staff who speaks your language, we will find one.